Commercial Garage Doors

Byerly Garage Doors installs, maintains, and repairs a wide variety of Clopay Commercial Garage Doors for an almost limitless number of business and commercial applications. From fire stations and automotive garages to warehouses and loading docks, Byerly Garage Doors can help you find the perfect commercial garage door to meet the everyday needs of your business or large building.

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Sectional Insulated Commercial Garage Doors

Sectional Insulated Commercial Garage Doors
Available with a variety of insulation levels to meet your needs, Clopay’s sectional insulated commercial garage doors offer outstanding performance at an affordable price.

Economy Insulation

With a R-value of 6.6, Clopay’s economy line of sectional insulated garage doors are suited for a majority of commercial and industrial applications. Featuring your choice of premium-duty 20 gauge, heavy-duty 24 gauge, and a lighter, highly economical 25 gauge options, Clopay’s economy line of sectional insulated commercial garage doors offer outstanding value and solid quality.

Polystyrene Insulation

Perfect for use in municipal buildings, loading docks, and warehouses, Clopay’s mid-level sectional insulated garage doors are high quality, thermally broken steel garage doors insulated with polystyrene that provide R-values ranging from 5.6 to 12.15. These commercial garage doors – available in 27, 25, 24, or 20 gauge steel – provide solid energy efficiency and reliability in a variety of demanding environments.

INTELLICORE™ Polystyrene Insulation

When optimal performance matters. Clopay’s top-of-the-line sectional insulated commercial garage doors feature INTELLICORE™ insulation, giving you optimal performance that is warmer, quieter, and stronger. Offering the highest level of climate control, outstanding reliability, and unmatched durability, these insulated steel garage doors are perfect for industrial and commercial applications such as firehouses and cold-storage facilities where energy efficiency and performance are of the utmost importance. Sectional insulated commercial garage doors are available in 27, 24, or 20 gauge steel and feature R-values ranging from 12.9 to 22.2.

Sectional Non-Insulated Commercial Garage Doors

Sectional Non-Insulated Commercial Garage Doors
Clopay’s sectional non-insulated commercial garage doors come in premium-duty 20-gauge steel and heavy-duty 24-gauge steel that offer lasting dependability and quality that stands up to the rigors of most commercial and industrial day-to-day use. Clopay also offers a lighter-duty 25-gauge steel commercial garage door that is an economical and dependable option.




2 1/8″

Steel Gauge

20 gauge
24 gauge
24 gauge
25 gauge

Panel Design

ribbed steel
ribbed steel
raised panel steel
ribbed steel

Break-Away Bottom Section

Clopay insulated and non-insulated sectional commercial garage doors feature a break-away bottom section, which is an essential safety feature for doors installed in busy loading areas. If the door should be accidentally impacted by a low bumper, forklift or another piece of heavy machinery, the bottom section gives way and can be quickly reset, eliminating downtime & costly repairs, and reducing the risk of both structural damage and injuries to those who may be in the area at the time of the impact.

Rolling Steel Commercial Garage Doors

Rolling Steel Commercial Garage Doors
From service doors to counter doors and shutters to security grilles and roll-up sheet doors, Clopay offers a wide variety of rolling steel doors for an incredibly wide variety of indoor and outdoor commercial applications.

Service Doors

Clopay’s prefinished galvanized steel service doors in gauges raging from 24 to 18 and in both stainless or aluminum finishes offer an array of slat profiles and color choices that can accommodate a variety of opening sizes and building requirements. Service doors offering perforated slats are also available to address areas where air flow is required.

Counter Doors & Shutters

Counter doors and shutters are an ideal solution for a variety of areas, like pharmacies, product counters, concession areas and cafeterias that do not require the need to address fire and smoke penetration concerns.

Roll-up Sheet Doors

Useful in both indoor and outdoor areas, roll-up sheet doors are a perfect solution for commercial applications like storage units, sheds, and garages. Clopay’s roll-up sheet doors are built using 24-inch wide, 26 gauge roll-formed steel hemmed together to form a continuous sheet that are mounted to a spring-loaded shaft above the door’s header. These doors are designed with a focus on both ease of use and ease of installation.

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