Tent Rental

At Byerly Tent Rental we offer both frame tents and pole tents to meet a variety of needs. Tent walls are also available for rent. The difference between frame tents and pole tents is something to keep in mind when choosing the best tent for your event. We also offer a variety of other rental items to help your event go off without a hitch, such as tables, chairs, dance floors, and heaters.

Frame Tents

Frame TentFrame tents are free standing and can be erected on many different surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, grass and wooden decks. Unlike pole tents, free-standing frame tents do not require the use of poles to hold up the tent’s ceiling, so the square footage within the tent is completely unobscured.

The tent’s frame is made up of an aluminum framework which is visible on the tent’s interior, but you or your event planner can cover the framework with decorative materials like fabric if you so choose. However, Byerly Tent Rental does not provide that service.

Byerly Tent Rental offers frame tents in a variety of sizes and colors for events such as backyard parties, craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and small-to-medium-sized outdoor events of all kinds.

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Pole Tents

Pole TentPole tents are not free standing and must be anchored by driving stakes into the ground in order to secure the tent. For this reason, pole tents are best suited for grassy areas, but they can also be used on asphalt surfaces, provided we are given permission to drive stakes into the surface in order to properly anchor the tent to the ground.

Pole tents include at least one center pole within the interior to hold up the tent’s ceiling. The location of center pole(s) will need to be taken into consideration while planning the placement of tables, chairs, stages, dance floors, etc.

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We offer an incredibly wide range of sizes of all-white wedding tents for your special day. Check out our size selection and pricing of wedding tents

Tent Sidewalls

Tent WallsByerly Tent Rental offers a variety of tent walls. Tent walls are great additions that can help add to the aesthetic appeal of any tent. Tent walls can also help with the overall traffic flow in and out of the tent, as well as helping to retain heat for outdoor events occurring in the early spring or late fall. Tent walls are both aesthetically appealing and functional and come in a variety of styles, including standard, french windows, and mesh (great for allowing air to flow freely, while still keeping flying insects out).

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Additional Rental Items

Tables & Kwik Covers
Linens & Napkins
Stages & Dance Floors
Bounce Castles

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